The oldest profession in the world that does not age was a credit to the regional meeting in Bamako on strategies for developing the network in Francophone Africa for workers / her gender.


For three days we shared and discuss workers’ access / her sex to sexual and reproductive specific STI / HIV / AIDS human rights and living conditions of his wives and children was also the agenda.


The opening of the meeting was rich in evidence of workers / her of his country from the French-speaking parts of Africa determined to secure and shed light on their work..  »


For Adonis Tchoudja, this meeting is full of meaning and significance for sex workers who experience all forms of discrimination in their work.


According to testimony and exposed workers / her sex live different realities whether political, economic and legal in pays.cependant he y ‘common experience of human rights violations that are shared by workers sex in Africa.


This meeting is a unique opportunity to initiate positive change in people’s lives not only for workers / her sex, but also for their children and other dependents.


We hope this event will motivate and improve the well being of the community and give the right to other highly marginalized groups.


Members of the member organization denounced the discrimination, marginalization, isolation, lack of access of workers / her sex to social security, the stigmatization of sex workers in the media, sexual exploitation of children end commercial.Nous claim to legal status of sex work and have access to health services and social security.


Adonis Tchoudja